Oxygenetix is a medical-grade line of foundations and moisturizers designed to heal your skin while it conceals imperfections. Created by a team of dermatologists to reduce the downtime required following aesthetic procedures, Oxygenetix foundations are the only products on the market that will allow you to get back to your busy social activities but promote healing from a range of skin concerns such as acne or post-surgical scaring. Oxygenetix creates a nutrient-rich barrier between your skin and the surrounding environment allowing you to heal while looking at your best.

While many foundations use water as a base, Oxygenetix foundations were developed with a natural base of aloe. Aloe vera has a calming, healing effect on skin making it an ideal base for skincare products. What’s more, aloe vera has natural anti-bacterial properties that keep your skin protected and remain clean and hydrated even after the foundation is applied.

Oxygenetix foundations are different than all other products, as they improve skin quality while hiding any imperfections. Not only are they ideal to use following peels and facials, they will improve the quality your skin and visibly reduce the signs of aging. As Oxygenetix promotes cell turnover and collagen production, these foundations will visibly plump your skin reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles and creating a smoother, more attractive texture.


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